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"Out Loud" - Art Prize

Show during 2021 Sydney Mardi Gras Festival

Show runs 22feb to 7mar.  Art prize awarded on sat 27feb 4pm.
$500 first prize plus 7day Solo Show
runnerup prize $200, and gifts for Peoples Choice Award

Artworks to be submitted by 21 feb.

The philosophy of TAP is to provide a friendly & welcoming Community Art Centre, giving a platform for all the arts. This gives members of the art community opportunities they would not have to develop as artists, and also showcase and perform their art to the wider community. It is a stepping stone for emerging artists. Many artists who have had their first solo at TAP have moved on to greater success and now have works hung in the AGNSW. Many artists who began at Tap Gallery have won awards and are now successful in their careers.

Annual Events at TapGallery

Annual Community Events
  • Pyrmont Art Festival
  • HEAD ON, Photo Festival Art Prize
  • Sydney Fringe Festival events
  • Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras exhibitions
  • Mamapalooza (Mums in the arts)
  • Aboriginal Art during Reconciliation Week
  • International Women’s Day Art Prize
  • Reclink Homeless People’s Show
  • FREEDOM Human Rights Art Award
  • The Real Refusés, rejects from the ARCHIBALD, WYNNE & SULMAN


Artwork Digital Guide
  • Original attachment filenames are discarded, as all filenames are programatically renamed on upload.
  • Submission attachments must be under 4mb and a maximum of 4800px on the longest side
  • Submission attachments are permanently resized into 3 separate sizes (regardless of the original size): 100px, 1080px, maximum saved dimension setting (1920px by default)

Submit Artworks - User Entry Process Tutorial

Artists - watch this to help with the submission process.

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More about Tap Gallery

TAP Gallery is an artist-run organisation, run by volunteers, with member’s subscriptions, donations and financial support. TAP Gallery is an open-policy community art space providing a platform for all artists and community groups to voice their message. This includes emerging artists from the prominent local Arts Institutions close by, many ethnic community groups, charities and also the homeless and disadvantaged.

TAP Gallery provides opportunities for these groups to have a voice, gain invaluable experience for the future and opportunities to raise funds. They are afforded freedom of expression; are given the opportunity to communicate to a wider audience, and in so doing, help shift and broaden public awareness. TAP’s guiding philosophy and policy is to be inclusive of all.

TAP Gallery is an Incorporated Association (NON Profit) run by a steering committee who manage the space, oversee maintenance of the space, and help the artist present & promote their work through TAP’s comprehensive website.